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Jantex Burnout system is a print chemical designed to actually eat out the cotton content contained in the fabric. It is recommended that a cotton/poly plated blend of fabric be used to achieve the best see thru results. If used on 100% cotton, it will burn completely through the fabric and leave frayed edges.
1. Add one part of Burnout #2 to one part of Burnout Carrier #1.
2. Print using screen mesh, blade pressure etc. to give penetration through fabric while maintaining sharp mark.
(recommended screen mesh from 86-125)
3. Cure @ 400  Degrees F, 2-4 Minutes. Exact time and temperature will vary with fabric weight, construction and type of dryer. It is important, however, not to over dry.
4. Soap hot using a scouring agent. Also it is very important, particularly on tight constructed fabrics to use pressure water sprays at the nip.
5. Once Burnout #2 is added to Burnout #1, shelf life is greatly reduced.
Immediate use is recommended.

As with all chemicals, normal safety practices should be used when handling this product. Material Safety Data Sheet is available for specific recommendations.
We encourage you to make your own test to assure yourself that the product and process which your are evaluating will function to provide the results you seek in a reliablemanner for the particular use in question. We have no control over your formulations, and therefore, we cannot guarantee product performance.
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