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DESCRIPTION Opaque prints can be achieved with Jantex White 1411, Jantex White JTSP or Jantex Badger White. These products offer excellent crock fastness and wash fastness and work well under limited curing conditions. Excellent run ability in both automatic and manual print machines.

*Also available is a highly concentrated pigment white called Jantex White JT Tint.

APPLICATION Ready to Use. They can be printed as is or blended with Jantex Pigment Concentrates to create opaque pastel shades on dark grounds Substrates: Cotton, cotton-polyester blends, cotton-rayon blends, some 100% polyester, nylons, and Lycra blends. Knit or Woven fabric construction. Reduce with water if needed.

SCREEN MESH 60 to 109 monofilament polyester

STENCIL Water-resistant emulsion or capillary films must be used or stencil breakdown will occur. It is recommended that screens be left in flooded state during pauses in printing.

MODIFIERS If needed, to reduce ink drying in screen, use Jantex Lube JT up to 5% maximum.

CURING 300*F for 1 ?? to 2 ?? minutes after drying for maximum crock fastness and wash fastness of deep colors.

CLEAN UP Clean up with water.

PROPERTIES Opaque water base pigment.

STORAGE Keep from freezing and away from direct sunlight. Store between 55?? to 95?? F. Keep lid on when not in use. Keep out of reach of children.

SAFETY Always use protective eyewear and clothing when mixing color. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheets for additional information.

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